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In 1996, winemaker Alvaro Espinoza and his family planted 2 acres in Alto Maipo, trying to fulfill a family dream that existed for decades. This was a deep desire to make a personal, handcrafted, instinctively guided wine with the conviction of being able to express honestly the noble soils of Maipo.


Since the beginning, Antiyal has been 100% family owned. We opened the path of boutique premium production and organic agriculture in a national scenario of big companies and conventional farming. Currently, these values ​​continue to guide our winery and stands today as one of the pioneers in practicing biodynamics in Chile.


The quality of the wines we have obtained have served as inspiration for other projects, which have ventured into sustainable, organic and biodynamic practices.

In 2003 we planted “El Escorial” estate, in the rocky soils of the Andean foothill. Currently, there we grow over 25 acres of vineyards divided in Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah, Petit verdot and Grenache.  Our wines come from the vineyards that we cultivate following a holistic approach, respecting the character of the terroir, and conserving its habitat.


Every year we produce around 50,000 bottles of wine that represent this privileged valley in specific markets such as France, Germany, the United States, Canada, Belgium, Sweden, China, among others.


Our wines come from our family estate in Alto Maipo. All certified organic by Ecocert and Biodynamic by Demeter



We chose this approach because it provides a more authentic expression of the individuality of this terroir. This is made possible through the minimization of the external agricultural input. We want to create a healthy environment for the plants, bring the soil back to its natural state and express its unique conditions in the wines.


We see the Earth as a living entity and, in order to keep it fertile, we must keep it alive! We do this by stimulating the microbiology with biodynamic preparations, which consist of various medicinal flowers fermented in specific containers, as well as cow dung preparations. These fermentations generate an exponential growth of microbiology in these substrates, both in quantity and diversification of the species. These are then applied to the soil and plants at specific times of the agricultural year (lunar calendar), increasing levels of microbiology, organic matter, as well as facilitating the relationship between nutrients and roots.

In biodynamics, we treat the vineyard as an individual organism and respect the natural rhythms of nature. We seek growth and diversification of biology and organize our different agricultural tasks following the lunar calendar and the movements of the cosmos in its relationship with the biological processes of the soil. All this goes hand in hand with our understanding of matter as a manifestation of subtle and invisible energies. We seek to equip our wines with these energies; they are living wines that are transformed every time you approach the glass!



Coming from a family related to wines and barrels for a long time, Alvaro Espinoza’s career has located him among the main actors in the Chilean organic and biodynamic scene. Besides that, is part of the best-awarded winemakers in the country.


Graduated as a winemaker by the University of Bordeaux, Alvaro had worked a lot making red wines, especially in Maipo Valley. He was the head winemaker in Carmen at the time when the first Carmenere was bottled in Chile.


One season in Mendocino County (Fetzer Vineyards) defined his vision to move seriously into organics. There he also learned about Biodynamics.

California already was one of the top producers in the world by the nineties and one of the vanguards in organic farming. Alvaro met the leaders of the movement, among which was Alan York, international consultant, and friend that helped in the design of Antiyal later.  


In 1996 Alvaro and his wife Marina planted something more than one acre in Huelquén, giving birth to this family affair with the first vintage in 1998.


Currently, Alvaro consults another wineries and works half time making the wines at Antiyal and taking care of the ranch. Alvaro´s wines always seek for a true expression of the place, brightness and balance.


His contribution to Chilean wine made his peers from around the world name him among the thirty most influential winemakers in a publication of the English magazine Decanter in 2015.






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