Apr 14 2014

Harvest 2014!


We have started crush on April 2 , with our Petit Verdot, getting 722 kg!!Thursday and Friday we harvested and crushed Cabernet sauvignon.Lovely fruits, small crop, around 4 tons by hectare, red berries, fresh, good acidity , so all looks well!!

Feb 5 2014

Good news!


94 points from Michael Franz for Antiyal!!


Dec 4 2013

December a month to celebrate!!!



December is here again and for us its a beautiful month full of summer activities, in the vineyards, we had a lot of work, first with our shoot removal of trunk and the upper part ‘corona’, cleaning over the plants, from the weeds, that in this time of year grow very fast, cultivating our soil with the horses, irrigating our vines, and lately sowing them in. We got scores from Patricio Tapia and he’s DESCORCHADOS, 94 points for Antiyal Carmenere, 94 points for our ANTIYAL and 93 for our KUYEN!! This time of year too we have lots of visits that you can see in the photos, we had the honor of having Michael Schachner from Wine Enthusiast Magazine, our Importer from New York, Jorge Perez and many other lovely visits. We too have been making our bio preps, and taking out the preps we made during last April during our autumn.

From all our team we wish you all a very Happy Xmas and the best for this New Year, a new time that we hope will better for all of us, we hope to have more peace and love on this planet and it depends on us!!! A little wine can help!!! SALUD!!

Sep 23 2013

New born in Antiyal


With you the new family member of Antiyal biodynamic family, Welcome Venus!


Sep 15 2013

Spring is here!!!


Spring is here again in Antiyal, the beautiful almond trees , and now september 18 celebrating our National day!!


Aug 18 2013

Producing Wine the Natural Way


by Lisa Bonet

The importance of growing produce organically is becoming increasingly well known, with more and more people becoming aware of the benefits organic farming can bring to both the environment and the consumer.

The wine industry is one area where organic methods of production are of particular importance. The enjoyment of wine comes from the pleasure to be gained from the taste, smell and appearance. Wine produced organically, with no artificial fertilizers or pesticides, will provide a totally natural experience, with its flavors and aromas coming directly from the grape and the earth itself. Continue reading

Jun 30 2013

The Decanter Interview: Alvaro Espinoza


An evangelist for biodynamics, the winemaking consultant faced many sceptics when he introduced the philosophy to Chilean viticulture. But this charismatic pioneer has proved that when you believe in something strongly enough, the risk is worth taking. Anthony Rose reports

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